Pandaplacer A1

Affordable desktop pick and place machine DIY kit under $1000


All Metal

All moving parts are made of metal to ensure high rigidity.
Precisely machined aluminum profiles and high precision linear rails ensure accuracy and durability.

Compact Design

Highly optimized space utilization, providing up to 65 8mm feeder mounting positions in a small body size, about the size of a big 3D printer.

Full Features

Dual-Head with high precision nozzles, TMC stepper drivers, vacuum sensors, easy install cables, low-cost feeders and controllers, auto nozzle change, spool holders...


Openpnp is powerful and highly flexible, free and open source, with great community support.

Pandaplacer-A1 IN ACTION

 with various packages

Support for package sizes from 0402 up to LQFP-176, maximum component height up to 18mm.

Pandaplacer-A1 pick and place machine with BambooFeeder-AS1 auto feeder
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Low-cost auto feeder for only $3 and will be open source

Want to test AS1? Click to Downloadthe preview model! (License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)


Now you can order the machine and other diy accessories from our Aliexpress store.
North American users can also purchase at:
If your country is not able to buy, please send message to us for more details use the Contacts tool under this page.

In standard mounting mode, maximum PCB size is about 200mm X 270mm. By giving up the feeder mounting position on one side(reduce 26 feeder mounting positions), maximum PCB size is about 250mm X 270mm. In minimal feeder installation mode, maximum PCB size can reach to 300mm X 270mm with 8 8mm feeder mounting positions.

In our pre-testing, the real speed with vision is about 700-900CPH. There is still much room for speed optimization.

The motion controller board is a customized board based on STM32F1, the firmware is Marlin. Users will receive a copy of the latest firmware source code after the order is completed.

There will be a wiki page on our site later.


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